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Sun, Jul 22, 2018 8:30 AM

Photo sync problem!!! cannot stop pending uploads

Hi guys 

So basically i run lightroom classic cc on my laptop and lightroom mobile on both my iphone and ipad. 
A few weeks ago i had the bright idea of uploading a bunch of photos to a collection on my laptop.
Thinking it would do the selected ones but by mistake i sent all my photos to this collection which was roughly 30,000.
I then proceeded to delete the colection as i new it could take years with my internet connection being slow to upload to the cloud.

so now my main problem is i cannot upload any photos and have had to leave it on sync paused because its stuck trying to upload those file's.

please help as i have tryed everything i can think of how to delete what seems to be the pending photos to the cloud???

My Ipad, Iphone and laptop are all running the most current software.
My Ipad and Iphone are also saying everything is synced and backed up.

So im thinking the problem is somewhere on my laptop uploud process to the cloud??




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2 years ago

They'll still be in the Catalog panel > All Synced Photographs collection, and anything in there tries to sync, so if you remove them from that special collection, they should stop trying to sync.

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