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Wed, Oct 18, 2017 9:49 PM

Performance improvements in Classic

Thanks for the update.  I'm finding the library and develop to be quite a bit snappier.  I hope browsing in the import module is high on your list for performance improvements as well as it is still pretty sluggish.




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3 years ago

Thanks for your feedback! We are continuing making progress on the performance front in the coming releases. Stay tuned.

Principal Scientist, Adobe Lightroom

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3 years ago

Lightroom Classic CC has almost no new features ( except performance improvements (and of course making people pay more than they did until now with their LR 6 license). But it still does not fix all the performance issues? Sad ...

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3 years ago

Hi, with my current setup, the feeling is the opposite, LR Classic CC gives me the feeling of slowness, on almost all stages.

My setup is the following:
- Macbook pro retina i7, 16G DDR 3 (end 2013)
- NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2048 Mo Intel Iris Pro 1536 Mo
- LR Classic CC 7.0.1
- Migrated catalog from previous LR CC to LR Classic
- ~230 000 photos catalog
- ~ 5TB photos
- most photos stored on a NAS (Synology DS 216 Play), mounted via smbfs over a gigabyte network

All features seems to work fine and fast enough as long as long as pictures are stored on the High speed SSD drive.

When it comes to deal with photos stored on the NAS, performances decrease dramatically.
For any step of the workflow, the interface seems very slow and unresponsive. I do not remember having such a behavior in previous lightroom versions.