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Tue, Nov 27, 2012 7:53 AM


Optionally prevent Lightroom from updating curent view in smart collection/filter

I use Smart Collections and Library Filters a lot to fix isseus in my photo library. Like adding keywords to photos not yet keyworded or adding location fields. However, because Lightroom today updates a collection/filter in real time it means that if I have a filter on photos without keywords they are immedeately removed from the view as soon as I enter one keyword, and I do not get a chance to add another. So I would love to have an option to NOT automatically refresh the current view even if the criteria for the view changes.

This conversation has been merged. Please refer the main conversation:

Lightroom: Lock lib-filtered and smart-collected contents temporarily so photos don't disappear...


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8 years ago

Absolutely! I've been advocating such a manual update mode ever since smart collections first appeared. Like Excel's manual recalculation mode, we could hit F9 to refresh the view.



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8 years ago