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Thu, May 31, 2018 11:31 AM


Option to Library Filter by Megapixels to distinguish Single v Multishot files

My colleague uses an Olympus with the High Resolution mode on a tripod. But the only way to decipher in Lightroom between single shot and multishot images (without zooming into the file) is to look at the megapixels of each image. Currently the easiest way to do this is make one of the Cell header labels show the megapixels of each image then one can manually sort by star rating/flagging etc. 

It would be even easier however if megapixels was an option in the metadata filtering options. Cropped dimensions is also a useful filtering option that is missing from the Library filters. Thanks.


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3 years ago

A couple suggestions come to mind - 

1-Create a Smart Collection based on megapixels.
2-Use a plug-in.  Pretty sure both Any Filter and Data Explorer would help do what you're looking for.