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Mon, Mar 20, 2017 8:12 PM



No warning before exporting files from smart previews

Please add a warning dialog, if one tries to export from smart preview files.
I learnt the hard way, that Lightroom exports files no matter what. Unnoticed I had lost my server connection, when I exported some files. The resulting files were a lot smaller than my usual photos and it seemed to me as if I had made some wrong settings. I spent literally the entire night looking for solutions online, until it dawned to me the next morning, that the culprit was the missing server connection. So please, please, please add a warning dialog to the export functions, once one tries to export from smart preview files.


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4 years ago

Unbelievable it is not there yet. Every basic photo print service will warn you if you risk getting low quality output.

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3 years ago

Functionality request: If exporting a Smart Preview image without the source raw file available, and the user has selected a pixel dimension larger than 2560 (or the inherent Smart Preview Size) in the Export dialog, then a warning should be triggered to alert the user that Smart Previews are being used and that pixel dimensions will be limited to 2560px.

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2 years ago

This bug just cost me hours of work. Lightroom exporting from a low-rez Smart Preview when the original file was unavailable. Didn't realize until I went to print. No warning. Furious.

"Dumb" previews if you ask me. I just disabled the feature, but this really needs to be fixed.

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2 years ago

A fix went in for this in 8.3. Download the update and see if it is better for you. 

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