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Mon, Jul 22, 2019 10:52 PM

No added features with subscription

I have been paying $9.99 monthly subscription since Feb 2019 and have no added features more that what I had with no subscription. Have sent several emails and have not gotten any response.


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2 y ago

There was a release in May and for Lightroom Classic, the major feature was texture. I think there's a new major release around every 3 months so I'm guessing there will be one in August. Usually, there is more than just one main feature so maybe May was a slow month, ha! 

A couple of links you might want to check:

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2 y ago

If you had no subscrition prior to February this year, you must have been using Lightroom 6 previously.  Lightroom Classic has now significantly more features than LR6.  Are you sure you have actually installed the new software?  Check 'About Lightroom' and see if your release number is 8.3.1

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2 y ago


If you don't have "automatically check for updates" selected in the Lightroom Classic Preferences, you will not be notified of any new updates or releases. 

click "Help" and "system Info" to see what version you are running.  It should be 8.3 (or later).  If not, 
click "Updates" in the Help menu or go to the Adobe Creative Cloud app and update the LR Classic App.

Another nuance is that from time to time, when Adobe moves LR to the next full release number (e.g. LR6 to LR7, they also change the Process Version (PV).  The PV is basically what version of the code is being used when you make edits in the Develop Module.  If an image was imported using the PV that came along with LR6 (for example) and you did not tell it to update that image to a more recent PV you will not see the new sliders that have come along since then and will also in some cases be using older versions of the code utilized by older sliders. 

Having said that, when they went from LR7 to LR8 they did not change the PV.  And, unlike in the past, when they added the Texture Slider they also did not change the PV so it shows up with older PV's.   Anyway, in the develop module, if there is a little lightning bolt under the histogram it means that that image is using an older PV and some newer features may not be present.

If you see the lightning bolt click on it for choices about upgrading the image (or many images) to the newest PV (PV 5 I believe)




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2 y ago

Also, how do you launch Lightroom. The name changed slightly with the April 2019 release (just dropping the CC), so old shortcuts may still be opening an old version.

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