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Sun, Oct 22, 2017 1:17 AM

New Lightroom versions (10/17)

 I'm entirely happy with the Photography subscription package, which I've been on for a couple of years. I also think the new versions are a good indicator of what's to come, and appreciate the movement forward. For now, I'm sticking to Lightroom Classic, because it suits my needs, and it's quite snappy on my new iMac. My only "negative" reaction is the one that many experienced computer users have, and that is with the name "Classic". For those of us that have seen plenty of software come and go, the "Classic" name sends up the red flag that maybe updates and support are coming to an end. Perhaps "Desktop", or even "Pro" might be a better choice, to eliminate those fears.

Of course, reading and listening to the various Adobe posts on this subject have relieved my fears. Too bad many forum readers have simply reacted as though "Lightroom is dead", before doing a little research. I'm not in panic mode yet, and have no reason to mistrust Adobe. Continuing to support "Classic", until CC is at the point where it may be "merged" with "CC" is a great idea, so that none of us lose any current capabilities, and in fact, gain some new features. Thank you, Adobe! :)


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