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Sun, Apr 8, 2012 10:11 PM


Need better metadata filtering capabilities

I very often want to search for images with specific Lightroom-defined properties such as process version (i.e, all images with process version 2012), specific develop settings (Clarity >= 30), etc. None of this information is available via the traditional EXIF based search tools.

Rob Cole's plugin DevMeta comes close to providing this ability, but because it relies on image selection to update it's private cache of Lightroom metadata the results are often out of date. I don't blame this on RC's plugin, but rather the fact that Lightroom doesn't expose this information in the Metadata Filtering functionality. To provide a balance between functionality and performance RC's plugin doesn't extract more nuanced information such as tone curve region parameters or individual curve modifications.

In addition, because the API doesn't allow for sufficiently rich metadata comparisons (contains, start and end) it's impossible to adequately work with this expanded metadata.

At a minimum, everything that RC's DevMeta plugin does should be standard in Lightroom. Metadata comparisons must support numeric, boolean, negation and range comparisons. It would be a bonus if word, list, and regex comparisons were also available.

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9 years ago

I agree that LR is lacking in this area.

You might check out the Any Filter plugin, which lets you search pretty much any field that's visible in LR (and many fields that aren't).