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Thu, Dec 7, 2017 11:45 AM

My very first bugs in LR Classic CC after catalog tranfer

It's already several weeks that I upgraded my LR6 catalogs to Lr CLASSIC CC. Today I am facing two bugs.

My Computer is a Mac Pro mid 2010 - 3,2 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon - Having 32Gb 1066MHz DDR3 as RAM - Graphic card ATI Radeon HD 5770 1Go - Dual screen Eizo - macOS High Sierra V10.13.1

1) NOT SOLVED - Some times I have to make choice out of a specific folder that contains almost 1.000 pics. To do that I look at each pictures one by one (hard work). Pictures are displayed fullscreen on the second screen while I have Lr display on the main screen.
Some times I must go back to confirm my choice.
It occurs when going fast over several pictures that the display on the second screen doesn't react correctly. I mean being on a new picture (on the main screen), nothing is displayed on the second screen. Some times I have a strange grey colour showing partly the picture (style not yet finished). This grey colour stay displayed a bit  between 1 to 5sec. After that the picture is correctly displayed. Some times, nothing is displayed on the second screen. And waiting does nothing. I owe to go to the next picture and back to finally have the picture displayed.

2) NOT SOLVED - I am NOT using hierarchy keywords. While making some searches using the keywords in a dynamic collection. By hazard I called a keyword (michel) that I don't use often. I saw (look at dump screen) that the transfer copied badly a lot of keywords putting them under the keyword (michel). I never did that. I can solve the situation by selecting these keywords and placing them in the correct list. Today, every thing is now back in the earlier  situation and I can continue working. But that kind of mistake is NOT AT ALL acceptable for an upgrade to a new version. This kind of mistakes must have been checked before launching the product!!! 

Some other elements:

I am not using Lr CC in the cloud. No real trust in that kind of storage Although the idea is very attractive even if this 

My main catalog is having:
+/- 40.000 pictures
+/- 1.500 keywords
98% of the pictures being in TIFF format

After reading so many comments regarding this new version, I was almost surprised to not have these problems that I was mainly linking to the cloud version. I was happy.....

Today I get mine's. My question how many users are not complaining?

There are so many users complaining that I am damned sure that Adobe didn't realised all the needed test before launching this new version.

This is a real professional mistake. Is it due to the trust of a leading company. A lack of attention due to their leading position?

I don't really know. but this put me in the mind of not being anymore confident in these products.....




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3 years ago

Regarding your Keyword issue. I note that in the Lightroom Keyword List panel screen capture that you have an asterisk behind the keyword in question "Michel". That asterisk means that the keyword is set to be the default "Put New KEywords Inside This Keyword" option.  To turn that off, you need to right-click on that keyword and uncheck that option.  It must have been inadvertently turned on during the creation or editing of the keyword. 

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3 years ago

Thanks Rikk
Thats right, I know this possibility! I didn't mention that.
But, I never add this asterisk or point at any key word I created. More on that point is that I couldn't add so many other keywords (242) in such a short period.
It would be very strange that I put an asterisk to this keyword. It is my first name and I must have created right at the time I started using Lr. In other words several years ago (I started using Lr with V2)

So this said, everybody may make mistakes.

I thought that it could have been done by mistake when editing a keyword having an asterisk (keyword not present in all the selected pictures) but after sharp look, this signs are different the one signifying a head of other keywords being not at all similar to the one use for keywords being not present in all selected pictures.

After trial, there is no other way to have this point than using the right key on the keyword an voluntary choose the function that add this sign or the asterisk sign.