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Sat, Nov 17, 2018 9:35 PM


Moving keywords in the keyword list

LR CC 8.0
There is a problem moving keywords from one hierarchy level to another using the mouse (drag & drop).

Steps to reproduce (in my case):

- 2000 items in the root of the keyword list
- OK: Moving one item (e.g. number 385) under another item to generate a new hierarchy level.
- Not OK: Moving one item (e.g. number 1885) under another item to generate a new hierarchy level or just moving it to another level. LR works some time and then all items in the keyword list are marked up to the item number 1885.

This was tested on two different Windows 10 PCs, with a "work" catalog and with complete new catalog. On all test scenarios the tests were OK from item 1 to 1649. With number 1650 (exactly) and higher all tests went wrong.

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2 years ago

Hi Martina,

Coincidently, I was keywording when your missive popped up.  I was in a set of hierachical keywords, towns under state, states under countrty.  There are more than 2,000 keywords in the cities.  I tried drag & drop to form a new hierachy and it worked.  No problem.

Running LR8 on Mac OS Mojave.  Perhaps this is a Windoze thing?  It did take Microsoft years to allow more than 512 files in a folder and other such niceties (such as long filenames).

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2 years ago

I've tried the same thing with Windows 10 and there is no problem - at least up until now.

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2 years ago

This may not be applicable, and I don't recall the full details, but....

When I started using LR I missed the message re Hierarchial keywords, so after a while I discovered I could see all my keywords in the KEYWORD LIST, nor could I see all the keywords in LIBRARY FILTER > METADATA > KEYWORD.

Turned out there was some magical number of keywords that could be handled in WINDOWS due too SQL(?) issues. That number was somewhere below 2000.

To solve my issue I started to create an "alphabetical hieracherial" system: I grouped all my "A" keywords in one group, "B's" in another group etc. I have now done that with A through K and I can now access all (I think) my keywords in the two spots mentioned above.

I did try grouping all my R's and a few other letters around R but it wouldn't work. Maybe I have to work through the letters sequentially ??

Anyway, your issue might relate to this magical ceiling in WINDOWS??????



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2 years ago

As Jim alluded to, there is a long-standing bug on Windows LR that Adobe has decided not to fix: LR chokes when it tries to display more than about 1500 keywords in the Keyword List panel (or 1500 folders or 1500 collections).  The sad workaround is to introduce hierarchical keywords and make sure that most of them are collapsed, so less than 1500 keywords are actually displayed at any one time in the panel.  You could use A-Z, as Jim does, or you could do a logical grouping, e.g. with root keywords People, Places, Events etc.

I will merge this into the existing bug report.