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Sat, May 2, 2015 4:48 AM


More Color Label Choices In Lightroom

Recently I covered the local horse races. Which broke down to 12 Races a day every Saturday for eight weeks. Each Week was contained into its own individual Folder on my drive, Tagged & Dated. I'd then go edit every week individually in Lightroom. Note: I used two Cameras each week & each Camera has its own Folder for each weeks races. So stacking Photos from multiple folders is not an option, because Lightroom doesn't allow it... : /

Now since I have to take & print peoples orders, the biggest annoyance for me was to visually separate each race (12 Races a day) when searching for a specific race in any given day in grid view.

The best way to do this is by using the Color Labels to separate each individual race I shot on any given race day. Unfortunately there are only 5 color Labels to choose from & I'm dealing with 12 races a day. Note: I do Shoot a Blank with the lens cover on between each race to help with visual separation, but it's not enough.

So there's a real need for me to have a border range of color labels for me to choose from & utilize. I'm not going to put each race for each week into individual Folders, that's a total waste of time & productivity for me. There really needs to be more color labels to choose from.

People have to understand that Lightroom gets used for a broad range of Photography & with that wide range we cannot all be contempt with what has become basically, locked in features & tools sets, no mater how useful they are. There needs to be some leeway & consideration for other peoples editing styles.

I really hope Adobe can add extra colors in. A choice of just 5 is not really good enough anymore. Please allow me to make my workflow & editing easier for my next racing event.

Thank you sincerely,

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5 years ago

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color labels are fine, but would be much more handy if LR would allow to set more (up to all) colors for an image.

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5 years ago

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It would be quite useful to be able to define custom color labels (i.e. add new colors, not redefine existing colors), and the ability to apply more than label to each photo. If not custom, then at least Primary + Secondary + Tertiary colors by default. That would make color labels more meaningful as you could sort your photos by color (for instance, if a client requests a certain color scheme, you can create a collection/portfolio including those colors to show them).

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5 years ago

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I don't care about a keyboard shortcut but I desperately need more label colors. Aperture had more colors...this should be really easy to fix, along with either changing labels to match Bridge or at least having the color and not the text label be the primary key. Labels pretty much have a terrible implementation in LR.

Note: This conversation was created from a reply on: LightRoom: Why isn't there a shortcut key to label images purple?.

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5 years ago


I totally agree with you about Lightroom's limits in allowing professionals to build better, more efficient workflows and what seems to be a serious case of blinkered vision by the developers. It frustrates me every day and I really hope it changes. However, part of what we have to do here is about work arounds, so here are some suggestions.

Firstly, why not set up a particular folder on your media drive called "Horse Races", in which Lightroom stores all your horse racing images. Make an import preset that sends those imports there and into folders by date and make the preset rename the images as "Horse Racing-Date-Image number. Or include in the keywords "Horse Racing" and make the file names the track or meeting name. All easy and possible to automate and all easy to search for. And want to find images of a horse race from April 19 outside of Lightroom? Open the Horse Races folder and go to the folder called 2016 April 19. In there you'll find a bunch of shots named "BMW Stakes-0025.NEF" etc. Simple.

Secondly, rather than shooting a blank between races, what I was taught back when I was shooting two meetings a week was to shoot your hand between races. Hold up one finger for race one, two fingers for race two; fingers pointing up for 1-5, down for 6-10, palm out for 11-12. Or get one of the other photogs to help you by holding their fingers up and return the favour. Or shoot the form guide for that race. You then have an easy marker for change of race.

All of these things are done automatically on the way into LR and don't require you to then go through and further drill down on individual images, which is time consuming.

Another idea would be to keep a simple database that includes race meeting dates and individual race times. If you have a record that race 3 for that meeting was at 12:05 and race 4 was at 12:30, then anything taken between 12:00 and 12:28 would be race 3. The more data you go in with, the easier it is down the track (excuse the pun).

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4 years ago

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Please Someone from adobe Lightroom......Such a simple request,.

Please Someone from adobe Lightroom......Such a simple request, I have gone back a number of years. this has been requested so many times!!! Simply to have more color labels available!!! 5 colors is simply NOT enough! Thank you