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Thu, Apr 4, 2019 6:24 PM

Migration Frustration

My Apple Photos library contained 28,003 photos and 2387 videos for a total of 30390. I successfully migrated it to Lightroom CC and only 6 files didn't migrate due to being unsupported, which I'm fine with. I then connected it to LR Classic so everything could sync. This has taken a week so far as I've waited for everything to upload to the cloud so that my entire library could be synced. I had some photos in my Lightroom Classic catalog that I had already added to Apple Photos over the last 3 years that I've been a LR user. My Apple photos go back 15 years. I've been using both for 3 years but wanted to consolidate everything and just use Adobe.  The only thing I deleted in this whole process was around 8000 synced duplicates/virtual copies that showed up in a folder in Classic. I assumed I would have synced duplicates but I'm not exactly sure where they came from or why because at this point my brain hurts.  CC has been stuck on "Syncing 78 photos" for days despite computer reboots and says for "All Photos" I only have 26809 photos, obviously less than I migrated from Apple. Classic is still working on syncing some collections I synced with CC but it says for "All Photographs" that I have 31,010.  

How do I trust that all my Apple Photos really got migrated and synced in the cloud?  I'm just feeling really out of my element and worried. I feel ready to scrap the whole endeavor and just go back to Apple Photos but I really wanted this to work. 


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2 y ago

I know just how you feel, and I’m sure lot of others do too.
I had the same problem, almost the same number of photos. I tried everything.
In short-I came to the conclusion that not only is syncing stuffed. To put it mildly, but I’m thinking that both cc and classic have been so overworked that they are now close to useless.
Best advice? Use one or the other.
And don’t ever get rid of Photos.

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2 y ago

I feel your pain. I am a heavy user. I use LRCC(on mobile devices) and LRClassic on desktop, and try to stay on top of the pics on my iphone/ipad. It's a very nerve wrecking process still to have and see the correlation between the photos on the devices. I have cut out photos from apple, and do not use the sync via icloud anymore as that makes the mess only bigger. The first times you sync between CC and classic takes enormous heaps of time. The only thing I can advize you is to let the process run. Once you have the sync completed the adding or just reworking will go a lot quicker. I too invariably end up with duplicates, and it can be harrowing to try to narrow down so I only have them on my desktop in the end. Adding the icloud sync to photo workflow makes it harder because it truly is only a sync, not a true backup. If you toss anything from cloud or desktop there is a big chance you will be tossing pics that you did not wanted tossed. Be careful and if not sure, don't chuck anything till you know what you are doing. I wished I could be of more help... 



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2 y ago

Hi Marie,

You can check at The count that you see there shows the count of what is in cloud.
You can also see an album like 'Sync Issues' which tells how many broken assets (not yet uploaded completely) are there that are pending sync upload from Lightroom to the cloud.

Also as a matter of fact, were there any videos in the catalog that were migrated?
There can be a count mismatch between Classic and CC as Classic does not show videos in 'All sync Photographs'.