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Sat, Dec 30, 2017 4:47 PM

Merge two Lightroom Classic CC catalogs after Lightroom CC migration?

I recently migrated two LR Classic CC catalogs to LR CC. Since LR CC only syncs to one catalog (by design), I'm considering merging my two LR Classic CC catalogs to enable all images to sync. I'm not sure what the implications of this will be though. Has anyone else done this?

PS: In retrospect, I now wonder if I should've merged the two catalogs prior to migrating them. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any documentation by Adobe describing this use case. 


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3 years ago

I was confronted with the same problem: just one catalogue can be synced. So I made the move and merged. So far no problems but the long keyword list. Apparently there are issues with long keyword lists under Windows, which can be mitigated by arranging hierarchically. Still working on that bit.
I migrated first, then merged.
I think the size of your catalogue might matter. Mine has about 50k images.

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3 years ago

The "Import from another catalog" function was designed for this purpose.   While it could have been performed on the older version catalogs before conversion to the new LR7 catalog structure. the result is the same if you use the current catalog files for this purpose. You can  make back up copies of both catalog files before the "Import form another catalog" function is invoked and have these as a fallback position if the results turn out not to nee to your liking.   I will assure you that the risk is minimal.