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Sun, Dec 2, 2018 10:31 PM


Map Module in LR6 does not work

Map Module in LR6 does not work anymore sice 11/30.
I bought an update from LR5 to LR6 in September 16th of 2018, because the Map of LR5 did not work anymore. 2 Months later you switch off the Map again. The map was the only reason for me to buy a new version. Can I get my money back, because without map my LR6 has no advantage for my purposes.

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Lightroom Classic: Problem Google Maps in module "Map"


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2 years ago

That really sucks that you bought LR6 recently, only for them to switch off maps. I think this should have been communicated clearly to customers upon purchasing -



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2 years ago

The problem is that Adobe did not 'switch off' anything. Google changed something in their API that makes the Lightroom 6 Map module incompatible. I'm not sure when this became known, so I'm not sure if you could have been warned when you made the purchase. The link above says "Last Published: November 30, 2018", but that doesn't mean this page was created at that date. This was known earlier, but I don't know how much earlier.

Johan W. Elzenga,