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Tue, Jul 31, 2012 1:55 AM

LR4.1 GPS data format is too large

In LR 4.1, the only way the GPS data appears to be displayed in degrees, minutes and seconds. This has the problem of being too large to depict close photos. At 40°, one second of latitude is 30.8 m while 1 second of longitude is 23.3m. It appears that the format is rounded since any attempt to enter decimal minutes or decimal seconds reverts to the DMS display.

Is the geo-location data kept in a more precise format internally?

Is there a way to display the GPS data in other formats? It was possible in LR3. Decimal Minutes with 3 decimal places is 6 feet latitude and 4.6 feet longitude at 40°. Decimal seconds with 1 decimal is 10.1 feet latitude and 7.7 feet longitude at 40°. All of these formats are better than commercial GPS accuracy.


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