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Tue, Mar 6, 2012 1:40 PM


Lr4 looses inverted tonecurves created in Lr3

Lr4 resets tone-curve created in Lr3 (no process update!) when the tone curve is "inverted" (black render as white and vice-versa)

Contact me if you need a lr3 catalog to reproduce the problem

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Lightroom: LR4 doesn't display point curve adjustments made in LR3




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9 years ago

I don't think the beta can import from an Lightroom 3 catalogue. How are you doing this? Describe your exact steps to reproduce.

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LR4 is out of beta, and the final does import LR3 catalogs.

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9 years ago

The issue seems to be bigger. For me the LR3 -> LR4 upgrade replaced all tone curves with some default. I have filed a bug here