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Wed, Apr 13, 2011 9:22 PM

LR3.3: Full-screen mode reverts to menu mode when edit in PS

OK, This is in LR 3.3 x64 version running in Win7 64bit:

In Library (or develop), press F a few times to cycle through screen modes until the top menu (File, Edit, Library, Photo etc.) is completely hidden I.e. LR in Full-screen mode.
Now right click your currently displayed image in Loupe view and choose 'Edit in Photoshop CS5' - PS launches. Now without doing anything in PS quit out, so you are returned to Lightroom. For some strange reason, the Screen mode has been changed by this operation and the Windows top menu is now enabled again. So now you have to cycle through the screen models using the F key once more to get back to full-screen mode.

This also causes it to happen:
I have 2 monitors and my windows task bar is on the side of my 2nd monitor. With the main monitor displaying Loupe and 2nd, grid: If I click the LR icon on the windows taskbar, LR minimises, click again, it maximises and LR has the focus once more - but now the screen mode shows the top menu once more and to get back to full-screen mode you have to cycle through using the F key again.

I presume this is a bug, as surely if you select a screen mode then you expect it to stay put until you choose to change the mode, rather than have the mode changed for you.
More of an inconvenience than a major bug, but worth mentioning!

Thanks, Paul A




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8 y ago

I think it is by design. You get out of Lightroom and it automatically switches out of fullscreen to not obscure the taskbar.

Not to be confused with this bug: http://feedback.photoshop.com/photosh...