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Fri, Oct 26, 2018 8:13 AM

LR Web display order messed up

Explain me why photos in a Collection show up in different order all over LR ecosystem, especially in LR Web (as per 26th October 2018)?

  • photos in a collection LR Classic CC arrenged via Custom Order
  • looking at photos in LR Web via Private Link in Photos tab initially show up in an order arrenged by Capture Date so I need to manually change it to show up in Custom Order, as arranged in LR Classic CC
  • but, now photos in LR Web in Display tab show up in totally messed up order that it's not by Capture Date nor by Custom Order set up in LR Classic CC
When you send the link to the Collection the photos show up in the latter option, the same way as in LR Web Display tab is showing. It takes a lot of time to do the double work arranging the photos to show up as initially intended in LR Classic CC via Custom Order.

This drives me nuts.

Why are you making me lose time with something this trivial?

Can anyone in Adobe Lightroom team explain me why photos show up in totally different order between LR ecosystem (desktop, web, shared link)?

Thank you for listening.

Using LR Classic CC 7.5 on a Mac with macOS 10.12.6.

EDIT: It gets more messed up if you add photos to a Collection in multiple steps.

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3 y ago

See also

It‘s a well known bug and frustrating behavior for more than two years. Sad that Adobe doesn‘t offer a real fix.

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3 y ago

Sorry that this is not a solution, but I share your frustration.
It is possibly an indication that there are different teams focused on the various platforms and that there isn't enough overlap between them to ensure a consistent user experience.