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Tue, Jul 8, 2014 7:18 PM


LR file export or print with overlaid metadata floated on image ala watermark or identity plate

I'd like to either know how, or have a product feature change request on this topic.
LR 5.5 has the ability in the Print module to add data like the exposure, filename etc. to the output. What I can't make happen (for whatever reason) is for that data to be overlaid on the image area rather than in a border below it. I'd like from print or the file export facility to create a template using keywords for such data fields which can be floated over the image being printed/exported without changing the dimensional area of the image - similar to how the watermark and identity plate work today, just a more robust set of output options available. This would be useful for documentary processes. Manually editing the identity plate for say each filename is unworkable... Education if I'm just missing it, or someone respond on a way to acheive this without leaving LR ?

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