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Sat, Nov 4, 2017 2:52 PM


LR Classic library previews not updating after develop edits

In library module the preview of an image is not updated after returning from developing module. The only way to get it to update from pixelated/lined view is by either rebuilding the 1:1 preview (i built those on import already) or by zooming in. So i have to 'force' LR to do this by performing an action. Waiting for it to happen without doing anything is not working.
I developed an image with a (very) blue sky in develop module. If i go back to that image it takes a bit for the blue sky to 'smooth out' it looks lined and pixelated at first.

Mac 10.11.6
LR Classic 7.0
32gb ram/i7
for now gpu unticked because of the noise reduction bug (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M 4096 MB)

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3 years ago

I have the exact same issue. Windows 10 home, build 15063.674. 
LR classic 7.0
16gb ram/i7.
The problem exists regardless of whether gpu is unticked. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M 4096MB.