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Sun, Nov 24, 2019 2:17 PM

Lr Classic doesn't sync organization of collections/albums with Lr CC

Before I used Lr CC (which includes LrMobile, LrWeb and LrCC for pc) for the first time, I have made Collection Sets as for Commercial photography, Portraits etc. When I used CC, these were not present just the albums within.

On the other hand, When I created Folder inside CC and moved some of the albums to it, this transfer to another folder was not synced with Classic and they stayed in old Collection sets.

And on top of that, when I create completely new album in CC, this shows in Classic in Collection set with name "From Lightroom" which would be okay for unorganized albums but when I moved these albums in CC to the folder which is not shown in Classic, this move was not synced and these albums stayed in "From Lightroom" collection set within Classic. 

This makes it not possible to sync organization of the folders and albums and makes it a total mess from the one of most important features of lightroom over photoshop. ORGANIZATION OF PHOTOS.

I hope this workflow can be clarified to me as a feature or it is a quite a big problem

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Lightroom Ecosystem: Please add ability to Sync LR Classic Collection Sets


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2 y ago

Right, Two Different programs. They really don't talk to one another that well or at all.
Pick one and stick to it. LR Classic or Lightroom.

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2 y ago

I think that a lot person asks a resolution in LR

also allowing to synchronize groups of Collections Towards Files / album of LR.

Ideally, would be needed two type of groups of files in LR Classic so that the user does not make error to ask for the synchronization of the whole collection representing thousands of pictures, this day Internet connections of the most part of the customers would not allow it without risking blocking complétement the system of synchronization by simple blocking of communications!