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Mon, Nov 26, 2018 8:37 PM

LR Classic CC hangs on "Export 1 file" when I try to export a file to JPEG

After the latest update to Classic, version: 8.0 [1193777], LR hangs up when I try to export a CR2 file to JPEG. The export slider in the upper left gets stuck on "Export 1 file." If I'm exporting to a low resolution JPEG file it usually doesn't hang up. But when I work with a large file and save it to a high resolution JPEG file it hangs. This anomaly appears to be a new bug.


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2 years ago


I just tested a 30 MP file and exported it to a full size JPEG with no issue. What is the pixel dimension of your original file? Can you give us a screenshot of your Export dialog settings? 

Additionally, some system information may be helpful. Mac? Windows? Ram? Free Drive Space?
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