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Sun, Dec 17, 2017 8:13 PM

LR Classic Auto Import no longer auto selects the most recent image

I've shot tethered with Canon cameras into Lightroom for years.  I use EOS Utility into a watched folder for Lightroom to Auto Import.  Has worked fine and still does except for one really annoying change.  The most recently imported image is no longer auto selected.  Previously I could shoot with LR in Loupe view (or Develop) and the last image imported would always be displayed on the screen.  Very handy to see the most recent shot without having to walk to the computer and manually select it.  Any ideas on how to restore this functionality?  Some setting I'm missing that's changed?

Mac 10.12.6

Note... I can't use Lightroom's tethered shooting mechanism as it doesn't correctly recognize the camera's time zone for renaming using shooting date during import... a well documented long existing problem.

Bob Smith


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