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Fri, May 17, 2019 3:00 PM

LR Classic 8.3: Filtering Collections doesn't work with a long list

When filtering Collections, you can't browse the list down when the resulting list is longer than what fits on screen.

When you try to scroll down the list, it just jumps up to the beginning of the list – sometimes immediately and sometimes after a few seconds.

This basicly makes it impossible to filter out any large set of Collections list. This bug was also on the previous version LR Classic CC 8.2.1.

EDIT: Scrolling the list very slowly sometimes lets me see the list further but as soon as I scroll faster, the view jumps back to top.

PS. Not related to this bug, but related to filtering: how can filter based on two words rather than one? It seems like the filter runs as word1 OR word2, rather than word1 AND word2.

PPS. The name change is confusing: new Lightroom Desktop (old Lightroom CC) has that name even though it's Lightroom Classic that is referred to as "Desktop-focused photo editing" ( So, your calling desktop-focused photo editing app as LR Classic and cloud-focused photo editing app as LR Desktop. Okay.


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