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Wed, Aug 8, 2018 7:27 PM

LR Classic 7.4 Auto Import stalls for 30 seconds

I've been using auto import in Lightroom since version 4, I keep EOS utility open and use it with live view; it dumps images into a watched folder, Lightroom imports it, renames it, then applies my user preset .. perfect for years and years!

However on 7.4 (running High Sierra on a brand new i9 Macbook) when auto-import is activated and and an image is dropped into the watched folder from EOS Utility, Lightroom stops responding and beachballs for around 30 seconds before it imports the image. Why did this awesome feature just break in the latest version!!???


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2 years ago

Hello risotto,

I just tested on a MacBook Pro with 10.13.6 and Lightroom 7.4. I did not use EOS utility but rather just dragged a couple of files (1) raw and (1) Jpeg separately into the watched folder.  The raw file took 4 seconds to appear in Lightroom and the Jpeg 3 seconds. I observed no spinning beach ball during the test. 

Let's perform that test on your system to see if we can isolate the issue for you.  Set Lightroom to auto import but do not open EOS utility.  Drag and drop a file into the watched folder. Does Lightroom still pause for 30 seconds and give you a spinning cursor?

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