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Wed, Sep 11, 2019 10:41 PM

LR and PS are just too weak when it comes to panos

I do quite a bit of panos and I used to simply use LR or PS to make them. Now, I use PTGUI and realize that LR and PS are 1% as powerful as this software. In so many cases, I try to stitch a rectilinear result and LR gives up and says "can't be done" so I export to PTGUI and it's like "meh, no prob." Here's other advantages: manipulate the view, correct mismatches and bad alignments, mask out issues, and the software is 100x the speed of Adobe's suite due to GPU leveraging. (Radeon VII here)

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2 y ago

Well Îm pretty pleased that there are still outside of Adobe software developers who do better. I do not want Adobe to try to equal them inside à do it all integrated application like LR classic. They cannot equal such a specialized app like PTgui but might kill the market for them.