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Fri, May 27, 2016 7:24 PM


LR 6.5.1 Left & Right Panels - Drag & Drop modules

Whilst it is great that the R & L panels are viewable/hideable and you can choose which objects to show, I would like to propose a change of thinking.
If the current objects like: 'keyword list', 'keywording', 'folders' and 'navigation' were written as 'modules', both the L & R panels could be viewed as blank canvass which you could drag & drop those modules on either side, in any order. Why? you ask. Because we don't all have the ideal large screens and so screen space can sometimes be a premium and also with considerable thought, wordlists can become lengthy and being able to 'drag' the keyword list over to the left and being able to clearly view both would be highly beneficial.

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