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Sat, Nov 16, 2013 4:19 PM

LR 5.3 RC: Before / After View (Shift-V) not working in full screen mode.

This has not been working in any 5.x version either.

By repeatedly pressing Shift-V in window mode, you can switch between "before" and "after" views of the current image. In full screen mode, only the "after" view is displayed. On every second press of Shift+V, the text string "Before" (or "Vorher" in german version) appears inside the image, at the same screen position where it would occur on top right of the image in window mode.

Please fix, I find this a really valuable feature, as Matt Kloskowski does:


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7 years ago

I agree with this feature request (it's not really a bug).

I work-around this "problem" by using 2 monitors, extending the left panel with develop history onto the left monitor, then when right monitor is in full screen I can click between develop states in history (or snapshot).