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Sun, Sep 22, 2013 1:10 AM

LR 5 & 5.2 - Book module - "Photo Text" ends up in printed book

I completed a book in LR5 and sent it off to Blurb for printing. On the received copy, I found that on a couple of pages the "fill in" text for the Photo Text field was printed on the page. I understood that if this were not filled in, it would not print, but it did for me. I just did a second copy of the same book in LR 5.2 and found many photos were displaying this text, so I went through the 140 pages of the book removing all of them before sending it off. What is the story on this? Field identifiers should disappear of the field is not being used (as in my case). Or am I perhaps jostling something with my elbow that is making this happen? By the way, other than this problem, I'm very pleased with the results from Blurb.

Thanks in advance . . . Duane


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