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Tue, Aug 28, 2012 8:05 AM

LR 4.1 Secondary window appearing on main monitor and second monitor

LR4.1 Mac OSX10.7.4 on iMac i7 Eizo SX2762W second monitor
running the Eizo as secondary window. When it is powered up after a no -use power down, the secondary window appears on both the main monitor as a small window and full screen on the Eizo. Closing the small window closes both. Reopening the secondary window sometimes opens both. Sometimes reverts to "correct" behaviour. Sometimes the small dispaly on the main screen simply shows the menu and status bars with the image area "transparent"

Also the secondary window sometimes kills the wallpaper on the secondary window. Not apparently related to the above issue


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9 y ago

I have a similar problem with LR 4.2 RC on my Macbook Pro i5 running Mac OS 10.8 with a Mitsubishi as a second monitor. The second window sometimes does not disappear until I minimize then maximize the main window. Also, the secondary window does not open when I press Command-F11.

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5 y ago

Same here on my Mac. Any solutions found yet?