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Wed, Sep 7, 2011 6:49 PM


LR 3.5RC bug: Edit Capture Time overwrites Date Time Digitized and writes wrong XMP:DateCreated

The release notes say, "After editing the capture time in Lightroom, “Date Time Digitized” was incorrectly changed. (Only “Date Time Original” should be modified)".

This doesn't appear to have been fixed. Metadata > Edit Capture Time always sets Date Time Digitized to the value set by Edit Capture Time.

Also, a subsequent Save Metadata To File writes an incorrect value for XMP:DateCreated.

Steps to reproduce.

1. Import this JPEG, which has the following metadata date fields:

2. Do Edit Capture Time to change to 1/1/1990 12:00:00, and observe that Date Time Digitized has changed:

3. Do Save Metadata to File and observe that XMP:DateCreated is not the same as EXIF:DateTimeOriginal:

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9 years ago

Yep, and when we consider another issue that LR3.3 was possibly handling CreateDate incorrectly, combined with these 3.5RC issues, then things can get messy for those of us with existing scan collections. My posting with a related but slightly different workflow:

Looking closer at John's info, we also see in step 3 that XMP:DateTimeDigitized has been deleted, and that data is now lost. CreateDate should have been set equal to DateTimeDigitized, if I'm understanding things correctly.