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Sun, Nov 4, 2018 9:14 AM

Lost images during move operation

During a move operation in LightRoom, Lightroom Crashed and all images being moved were lost.

Moving Three folders with about 2-3k images per folder from one external disk to another, on a 2014 MacBook Pro running Mojave and Lightroom Classic 8.0. The images were being moved, i.e. showing reduction in 1 folder and addition in the target folders when the system crashed.

When rebooting, the lightroom folders had been moved to the new location but the files were showing as missing. Looking on the old disk via finder, they are completely gone while on the new disk those files and folders don’t exist. All other previous moves are fine.

This is totally bizarre as this is a sequential process and the physical move can be tracked so why would they be completely gone? This really makes no sense and is highly concerning in how LR handles this.

I am convinced they are gone after having checked every possible option, so this is more of a LR heads up concern / question as to what happened here.

Please help

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3 y ago

Never, ever, let LR  conduct file operations or move images; it simply isn't any good at it.  I know, I can hear the pundits already: "But, but, but, then LR won't know where your files are and what edits have been done!"

Sure it will.  After you've performed your move using the Mac OS—which will not delete any image from the source unless and until the image has been copied to the destination—you simply restart LR and tell it to locate the images.  LR is pretty good at finding images (after you've pointed to the folders where you moved them to), but the way it bypasses the sms calls to the file operations of the operating system is truly frightening.

Adobe has known about this for years, and so have users like you and me who have been burned when LR either crashed or hung and dropped the ball when moving images from one place to another.

Hopefully you have a backup of your drive?  Time Machine?  Anything?