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Sun, Dec 1, 2019 3:28 AM


Lightroom/Photoshop: Eliminate storage quotas

I propose that Adobe eliminate storage quotas entirely, and instead use metered billing like Amazon AWS S3, which Adobe uses. 
This would save Adobe money in customer service costs from cases involving moving customers between tiers. It would help customers to simplify their workflows without worrying about hitting a storage quota wall. Adobe will begin to make more money as storage creep sets in and customers get used to having larger and larger amounts of data residing primarily in the cloud. 
I propose the following rate:
- 1 TB as a basic allocation in any application subscription
- $1 per additional 10 GB stored
- $0.05 archive recovery fee per file from archive/delete tiers

Application subscription:
- $10 / single major app (Photoshop)
- $05 / single minor app (Lightroom)
- $30 / all apps


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