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Sat, Apr 20, 2019 4:14 AM


Lightroom/Camera Raw: Please implement a "de-skew" mode for e-shutters

Electronic shutters cause skew when you are moving, also referred to as rolling shutter or a "jello" effect in videos. The read-out of e-shutters is often slow like 1/50s even though the shutter exposure is faster like 1/1000s.

This causes visible skewing of the image, which currently can't be corrected in Lightroom.

In the example below, the vehicle was travelling at ~30mph, and the use of electronic shutter caused skew on the building.

Please can you add the ability to de-skew an image.

While the current Transforms in LR Classic are great, surprisingly there is no way to easily de-skew.


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2 y ago

This can be 'sort-of' achieved using 'Guided' but it's fiddly and the results aren't entirely predictable. Easier to drop out into Photoshop (or Elements) to correct the geometry. Agree! De-skew (both horizontal and vertical) would be handy.



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2 y ago

Guided Upright seems to work well on the image posted above.  (I loaded it into ACR Filter and drew two vertical lines (on opposite sides of the house), and a horizontal line across the base of the house.

Could you post examples where Guided Upright doesn't work well for this application?