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Thu, Aug 11, 2016 6:21 PM

Lightroom: With sort order set to "capture time" the images are not ordered by captured time

When selecting sort order "capture time", the images are not ordered by captured time and actually have no sensible order. Can I fix this or do I wait for a new update?


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4 years ago

Works as expected for me in Lr CC 2015.6.1 on Win10.

More details would be required to troubleshoot your problem -

What version of Lr and operating system are you running?
Where are you selecting the sort order - Import, Library, etc.?
If you select an image in the Library module and look in the Metadata panel, do you see values in the Capture Time & Capture Date fields?



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4 years ago

Check that your images are not stacked. If they are, the stacks will sort according to the first image, but the images inside the stacks can be in any order.

Johan W. Elzenga,

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4 years ago

You may be able to fix this by selecting the image that are in the 'wrong' place;
Menu-> Metadata -> 'Edit Capture Time...' -> Confirm (without changing the displayed values)

In Lightroom CC 2015.6, (and its still there in 2015.6.1) Adobe released a bug where just using menu commands you can corrupt your catalog.

How does the corruption occur - 
  • The values for Capture Date are held in several places in the catalog
  • I stopped counting at six, not including anything written back to the image or any sidecar
  • Import sets some, Edit Capture Time changes some and Copy/Paste metadata sets some.
  • Needless to say they don’t all change the same places so its easy to get different values in the different places
  • Different parts of the application have different rules when determining which they will use, so the display/behaviour becomes chaotic
In general  'Edit Capture Time...' seems to fix the issue but you may need to do it again and set the value you actually want.

Going back further, its been a running issue for about 5 years, This thread:

starts with video but the issue above applies to all types of image.

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3 years ago

Same here with Lightroom Classic CC. When I import images from my Nikon D750 and mix them with images synced through the Lightroom App on my iPhone, even though I tell Lightroom to order by capture time, it doesn't work correctly.
Stephen Leggett's tip to Edit Capture Time without adjustments does the trick, but it's a nuisance non the less...



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Merging with another thread.

Please reference the new conversation here: Photos synced with Lightroom CC don't sort by capture time