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Tue, Jun 16, 2015 6:50 PM

Lightroom Window on Second Monitor Disappears when Switching Applications

I have been using the dual monitor setup in Lightroom for multiple purposes from editing to client proofing for years and I love it. However, I recently discovered a bug that is annoying me:

Whenever I navigate away from Lightroom on the primary monitor, the Lightroom window on the secondary display disappears.

There are several instances in which this has proven to be frustrating, but I think the scenario that is the case of showing a client images utilizing Lightroom's dual monitor feature:

If, while in the middle of reviewing the photos, I decide I want to pull up the client's contract or invoice on the primary screen to take a quick look, the Lightroom window on the secondary monitor disappears immediately when I open up another window on my primary display (i.e. Windows Explorer, Adobe Acrobat, etc). In other words, instead of the client still being shown the image(s) that were just on display, all they end up seeing is a view of my computer's desktop wallpaper or (worse) another window I had open behind Lightroom.

While, of course, the Lightroom window on the secondary monitor comes back whenever the Lightroom application regains focus on the primary monitor, I would very much prefer to have the window on the secondary monitor remain visible and stay in place at all times, even if I open a separate application on the primary screen.

Though I have only recently noticed this issue, it could be that I never switched out of Lightroom while using dual monitors previously or that, if I did, I just wasn't paying attention to the second screen.

My current set up is as follows:
Windows 8 Home x64
Photoshop Lightroom CC (latest)

Also, it may be worth noting that I have tested this in all views: Grid, Loupe (normal, live, and locked), Compare, Survey, & Slideshow. Same results all the time.


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