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Sun, Jul 23, 2017 3:19 AM

Lightroom: Will there be a version 7 stand alone program?

Will there be an LR 7 stand alone program? Not everyone wants/needs all the programs in the CC.

PLEASE keep making stand alone programs for those of us who are hobbyists and enjoy the results we get from LR. I do not use/nor want PS or other editing programs and CC would be a waste of money for me. Again, please continue stand alone programs.

Will there be at least an LR 7?


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3 years ago

Not sure you are reading the same forum as me, for I can definitely see complaining on the one I follow.

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3 years ago

I want to add my voice in hoping to be able to purchase a stand alone version of Lightroom. I do not want to pay a monthly price to use any software. I had thought that Lightroom would always be available to photographers. I and many others that I know won't be joining the subscription group and will be very sad to lose this incredible software. 

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I do hope they change their minds but they have declared that there is not going to be a stand alone v7 of LR. I too am going to keep using LR6 for a while but for me it is just until I choose a replacement and the timing for $ is right for me. Just one advantage of having a perpetual license - I get to control when I spend money.

You have to admit they have been pretty passive aggressive towards perpetual license users for some time now - confusing and buried links to upgrade and update programs that likes to install the subscription version for perpetual license users.

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Just like you I got the stand alone LR6 and intend to use it as long as OS supports it. Then, if Adobe haven't changed their policy by then, I go for the other suppliers of editors. They're getting better and is problably very good when the time comes. You can transfer all your LR libraries already... ...I raised my finger at Adobe early on and I use stand alone CS4 and Photoshop and Illustrator do anything I need. Adobe has done a lot of nice software but like this they're snapping the tail of their own.

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Agreed.  Their greed is unsurpassed by any other company.  Pay monthly for life, for a program you could otherwise buy once?  Crass and out-of touch