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Tue, Jan 10, 2012 4:05 PM


Lightroom: Why isn't Lightroom 4 supported or installable on WIndows XP?

Lightroom 4 Beta does not install on my Windows XP system and indicates I do not have a system newer than Vista,


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9 years ago

"Why is LR4 not supported on WinXP, but PS CS6 is?"


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9 years ago

I started with DEC and SUN Unix, and X windows. I have been forced to use both MS and Mac, over the last 3 decades. Unix is better. The only reason I don't want a newer version of windows is I don't see any reason to give yet more money, for yet more bloat ware, that takes yet more cycles and memory to run, than the old version.

I have no problem using any system. Most of my family have laptops with windows 7. I have no problem using it. I just don't want to give any more money to proprietary Operating system companies, that are not as good as the freeware, public domain alternatives. Wake up.

Most companies are still running XP, because vista never was any good, and they have no reason to convert to windows 7.

Give us a linux version of LR, and we will all stop complaining!

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9 years ago

Linux is clearly best for someone like you then Donald! But I doubt Adobe will ever port LR or CS5 to Linux. I do wonder what sort of software you need or want to use that runs OK on old hardware and obscure operating systems. I run Win 8 on a fast Intel cpu and need that speed and functionality for my photography and have just installed CS6 Beta! You are the exception and of course there will be a very few who use software or hardware that only works with XP and there are usually solutions for that anyway.

I'm glad you are comfortable with Win 7 even if you choose not to use it on your own computer. Too many seem to have a phobia against change that borders on the irrational.