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Tue, Oct 9, 2012 5:40 PM



Lightroom: Where is the ability to create custom page sizes for Lr Book module?

It's been nine months now since Kevin Tieskoetter was quoted in a blog interview about the new Book module in Lr 4.x ... in which he stated:

"Yes! All of the templates we ship with Lightroom are made using Illustrator, and I'll be documenting the process for creating those. We've also successfully made templates using InDesign and the freeware tool called Scribus, so if you need templates in different sizes, you'll have a range of options."

The full interview can be read here:

Where is this documentation? Why are you holding back? When will this issue be addressed? Why did you design it to be a one-trick pony only supporting a single vendor in the first place? Are you choosing to intentionally force Lr users to seek other options for their book making needs?

Yes, you did offer the ability to export books to pdf or jpeg ... but ... if none of the six book vendors I do use don't use the page sizes available in the Book module ... what good is it? To this point ... the Book module, in it's current state, is just a waste of space on my hard drive and a useless feature I am expected to pay for and not implement because you (and/or the executives in charge) don't think it's important to keep your word and share how to create custom templates and page sizes.

I await your response to this matter ... of course ... if you continue to remain silent on the subject ... that too will speak volumes ...

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Lightroom: Ability to create custom book templates/sizes from scratch


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7 years ago

I've looked for page templates from other vendors and don't see any. Lots of plugins to upload photos to those vendors sites to build your books using their tools but Blurb is still the only LR option unless your vendor's page sizes are exactly the same as Blurb's, because Adobe refuses to allow custom page sizes.

To me it is like making modules of LR that only work with a Pentax or other brand of camera. I'm astonished that the Lightroom team at Adobe would allow their programming to be restricted this way and I'm sure if allowed to ...they could fix it in a heartbeat. The only conclusion I can draw from this is that there is a financial motivation for forcing everyone who wants to create books in LR use Blurb.

I guess business is business and we know going in ...what we are getting. They do so much so well I guess we have to take some really bad with the really good.

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6 years ago

Please, help me...i need custom template 14x11.
How to use book module with this? I'll lost my client...

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5 years ago

There is a CRITICAL need for the Lightroom Book Module to allow customer size restrictions for book templates.

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5 years ago

The book module could be a professional tool - making life easier, but ADOBE doesn't give a sh** about all customers requests since few years - very disappointing.

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5 years ago

i REALLY expected LR6 to address the BOOK Module but not a single thing....this is ridiculous....please add CUSTOM layout. ...people have been asking for years...
who gives a crap if you can do lightroom on your phone !!
And please make available to LR6 (not CC) !