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Fri, Apr 6, 2018 8:45 AM

Lightroom: What is the best workflow for using Classic and CC concurrently?


After first trying of using LR classic and LR CC I only succeed to lose some pictures. Some of them were stuck in Lr syncing process etc. I decide to delete cloud picture and import once again for a second try

Second trying, now I discover the number of pictures sync differs from LR classic and LR CC
But there is an another problem in classic :
I own 9423 pictures but only 9265 are synchronized.
How to show what are the non-synchronized pictures? 

I discover if I change tag in LR classic, LR CC does not see them until I embed the whole tag in pictures. So it synchronize the whole library once again!!!

I had to embed tag using Finally if I check in CC there is a different number of pictures. 9416.
I think once again some pictures 9423 - 9416. Probably some pictures will get stuck


Is someone able to explain how to use LR classic and LR CC concurrently ?
I need some feature of LR classic which does not exists in LR CC and backup pictures and edit them using Lr mobile.

So what the point? I'm the only one with those needs?

Is Adobe reading those forums? Are they victim of autism? 20buck/mo for 2 software with does not complete ?


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3 years ago

Some other  question : 

Is it possible to sync collection  hierarchy between classic and CC ? 

Is there any lR CC roadmap?



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3 years ago

The short answer is, they're not designed to be used together. 

Adobe are reading, but they can't reply to every thread. In this case, they'll say the same things I do. I'm not going to comment on the rights or wrongs of their decisions, but these are the facts:

Lightroom CC is their cloud sync photography software. They started out trying to shoehorn sync functionality into Classic (well, Lightroom 5 initially) but the concepts are too different so it was always messy and didn't work very well.

From this point on, their cloud focus will be on LRCC. They haven't removed existing sync functionality from Classic, but they're not adding to do, so no, keywords and collection hierarchies don't sync.

The All Synced Photographs collection in LR Classic does not include videos that may or may not be in the cloud. It only lists photos. 

It's possible to use Classic and CC together, but there's a whole bunch of pitfalls like those you've listed. I've documented the known issues in the Cloud Sync chapter of my book, if you decide to carry on trying to use both together.