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Sun, Jul 17, 2011 3:50 PM

Lightroom: Web Page upload- unspecific error MacOS LR 3.4

Hello All,

New to this list but not to LR.

I have a problem with Web Page uploading which occurred in LR 3.4 MacOS and not previously. Used this exact same Web Page upload template to upload 49 images to a gallery. Had the same error (see Screen Shot) repeatably twice. Not sign of these errors in the Console log. I read elsewhere that the errors do not get passed back to the OS and not reported elsewhere. So, I cannot troubleshoot further nor complete my project.




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9 years ago

Hi Henry,

What specifically are you doing when this error occurs? Are you uploading a gallery via ftp? If so, have you double-checked your ftp settings? Can you upload successfully from Lightroom to a different ftp server?

If the issue is an ftp upload error from within Lightroom, you could try simply exporting the web gallery to the desktop, and then upload it with some third party ftp software. I realize that doesn't solve the issue in Lightroom, but it would let you complete your project.