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Thu, Feb 23, 2017 11:48 PM


Lightroom: Virtual copy using a new xmp file

It would be great if the virtual copy can also be stored in an other side amp file like for instance DSC09009.xmp for the master and DSC09009-1.xmp for a virtual copy.

This way one could share the different develop setting and also be able to sync a folder previously 'developed'/treated  with an other catalog.

I now they are some workaround with developments versions but is not practical.
Develop version are stored in the xmp but not the virtual copies


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3 years ago

I find this to be en essential function when creating variations on work when you have a collection of hundred ot thousands of images with virtual copies throughout it, you cant use snap shot to rebuild the files. as you would have hundred of snap shots to filter through to match them up

Surely the -1.xmp file can reference the original RAW file.
It would make archiving collections much easier as its wouldn't be reliant on the catalog any more.

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3 years ago

Totally agree so I voted for this proposal.

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3 years ago

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Lightroom/Bridge: A way to export collections and virtual copies via xmp.

Currently, the LR catalgue has the ability to export some but not all photo attribues via xmp (whether by sidecar or as part of a file).

Chief among the things that are not exported is Collections, but there are other items, such has virtual copies, history, publish services, certain metadata, and stacks (I am sure people can name others that I do not know about).

This makes it harder to share such things with other users and with Bridge; it also creates uncertainty. As a non-techy I never know what's in the catalogue and what's in the xmps.

I have started writing all collection info into keywords, which is time consuming and error-prone.

A way to export collection and VC information, at a minimum, would be great.