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Thu, Jan 2, 2020 4:03 PM

Lightroom: Use of SMB protocol for NAS causes unrecoverable failure

I attempted to use a NAS that was mounted with SMB (MacOS Catalina) - I had previously connected to that same device successfully with AFP, but I forgot that the setting was different. After that, LR got stuck in an unusable state without any hint of what was going on. The Cloud Storage area would initially populate with "Contains 0 photos in 1 albums" (I have 10s of thousands of photos), and would quickly move to "Unable to connect to network".

I spent hours with tech support (see case ADB-10633155-H4R1 CRM:00412000000291), first reinstalling LR, then trying permissions changes. The main clue was that once I decided to abandon the NAS and just use a local drive, I couldn't change the `storage location for originals` - changes just didn't take.

I accidentally solved it by removing the SMB mounted drive. The next time I used LR, it crashed my mac, and after restart the storage location had reset, and things started to work.

Easy fix: just disallow SMB-mounted drives! Barring that, you need to fix the errors to be more helpful to problems with network mounted drives.

The NAS support in LR cc has been mediocre since its release. I'm happily in a place where I can now support my entire library on a local drive, which is much nicer, but sooner or later I'll want to go back to the NAS. Please devote some resources to this! I'm not a pro photographer, but I imagine there are a lot of pros who are suffering due to these problems.


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1 y ago

If I understand correctly:
  1. Lightroom connected to NAS by AFP
  2. At some point you changed Connection SMB
  3. Lightroom was still pointed to AFP?
Or something else? I am having trouble following your steps to reproduce the issue. 

FWIW I use Lightroom Desktop 3.1 with an SMB Connection and it works as expected. 
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1 y ago

Thank you. I wanted it on an NAS drive since it is web accessible and would allow slow, but adequate access when using my portable out of town. The portable doesn't have a Terrabyte of unneeded disk space. However, I solved the problem by remotely controlling my home computer and using LR through that link.