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Wed, Mar 14, 2012 10:42 AM



Lightroom: Unable to display contents of subfolders when selecting parent folder on WHS

I have my image files located on a Windows Home Server. To aid clarity in describing my problem I will use some directory/folder names.

The WHS is referred to in Lightroom 4 as \\ORACLE-3\photos. This is the root of the WHS shared folder

The main parent folder in this root is named LIGHTROOM. In this folder are a host of sub folders organised by subject. I will use just 2 to illustrate the hierarchy


Now in the entire LIGHTROOM folder structure are 20323 images. This figure is reported by LR4 to the right of the folder name in the LR Library folders tab.

In both BIRDS and CHURCHES folders are further subdirectories and the total number of images is correctly reported to the right of the folder names in the Library folders tab.

The problem is when I click on to the root folder LIGHTROOM I get no image thubnails in the Library grid window. I see only the message 'No photos in selected Folder'. I have the menu option 'Library | show Photos in Subfolders' ticked. If I untick this the 20323 image count to the right of the LIGHTROOM folder name in the Folders tab reverts to 0.

Now it is important to note that I could see all the 20323 thumbnails in the grid in LR3 by clicking on LIGHTROOM to highlight the folder, now I cannot see the entire library content anymore in LR4.

I can click on any of the main subfolders like say BIRDS and the entire content of all the subfolders in BIRDS appears in the grid. If I untick the menu option 'Library | show Photos in Subfolders' and then click on BIRDS the count changes to 0 ( There are no photos in the BIRDS root, only in the sub folders) and the grid message changes to 'No photos on selected Folder Subfolders not shown'

Now if I put photos on a local hard drive in a folder structure to mimic my main WHS folder hierarchy then the grid display acts as I would expect when I click on the parent folder. So it appears to be related to the fact that the images are held on an external network storage system ( my WHS).

I am running LR4 on a Windows 7 64 bit system with i7 processor and 6Gb DRAM.

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9 years ago

Thanks Dorin. I created new catalog and imported my old LR3 one and then it was OK.