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Thu, May 19, 2011 5:07 PM

Lightroom: Unable to detect My Computer

I've been using lightroom for ages now and only recently did Lightroom refuse to detect anything else other than my "User" folder in the saving process.
Usually when I'm at the tree I can browse to my computer and choose my external hard disks, but as it stands now. I can only access my User folder and nothing else. I can drill down into the folder structure of that, but all the other options of My Computer and My Documents have disappeared.
I have tried reinstalling and no luck.
I'm running Windows 7 64bit with LR3.4 64bit installed.


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10 years ago

In one of the dalog boxes, try typing c:\ into the folder path or name box. I think this may resolve the problem, though I'm unsure about its origin.

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10 years ago

Do you have a lot of stuff on your Desktop? Does the problem go away if you clean up your Desktop?