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Fri, Apr 1, 2016 10:50 AM

Lightroom: Timezone independent sorting while retaining local time and ability to geotag properly

Is there a way in Lightroom to sort photos by UTC but have them retain the actual local time?
I know that EXIF does not support time zone information. Let me give you an example of what I want to achieve:
Let's say I travel from France without DST (so UTC+1) via train (it's fast) to England which is UTC in this scenario, while logging my movement to a gpx file (probably not in the tunnel itself, I suppose reception will be rather bad) And having my camera set to UTC +1. The Train takes about 35 minutes so I arrive before I set off (Take this Einstein). Right before starting the train yourney I snap a picture of Coquelles virtually non-existing huge tower clock. I do the same with Folkstone's impressive digital numeric hypothetical sundial.
Travels over I import both shots into Lightroom. Since my Camera is set to UTC + 1 the images appear
a) in the correct order and
b) the French clockface matches the capture time determined by the camera, while the english one indicates one hour less than the capture time.

I now can go ahead and add geotags to my photos. The gpx track is in UTC but my Lightroom PC is set to UTC +1, so the time extracted from the gpx-track matches the camera's time => Geotagging is easy.

So now also on the track the photos are in the correct order.
Let's say I want to share both images in a flickr group devoted to showing the world how beautiful imaginaryclockfaces can be. A Group requirement is that the file's capture time has to match the indicated time on the clock (anything else could be suspicious, couldn't it?). To achieve this I would need to correct the time-metadata in Lightroom. That is also easily done, there is a nice dialog-based feature.

But: Now, if I sort my photos by capture time they are in the wrong order. England comes before France. Imagine the confusion If I had managed to shoot more clockfaces in the overlapping hour!

I hope you can see the limitations of Lightroom's catalog I think I've encountered, so here's my Idea:

Let me specify (on import and also later for corrections) the timezone the images have been taken in. And probably the same when I load a gpx-track, since I don't always record tracks in my own timezone. With this information I can set all of my images capture time to whichever local time prevailed at that moment, but Lightroom knows by the timezone (and probably DST yes/no) which UTC the photos have been taken at and can sort them accordingly.

Or have I missed something essential here?
What say you?

Edit: Have made this into a question, since I want to hear some best practices approach.
Edit2: It now has made a full round trip. Maybe it is actually a problem?


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