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Wed, Mar 18, 2015 1:41 PM


Lightroom: Sync collections between 2 Lightroom catalogs via Creative Cloud

It would be great if we could sync collections between catalogs on multiple devices the same way we sync to LR Mobile. It doesn't even need to be the full raw file, just a smart preview would be fine. But when I have a lot of images to cull it would be very handy to flag them to sync to my laptop so I can perform basic rating and reviewing from there, and then go back to my desktop to edit the selects. The current process of exporting and importing collections as a catalog is cumbersome.



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a year ago

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Please add this functionality to LR Classic: give it access to the smart preview ....

I love LR Classic on my laptop. I keep original RAW files on an external hard drive at home. I sync all of them onto the Cloud where they exist in smart preview form. So, when I take my laptop away from home, why can't I access those smart previews from the cloud? Why am I forced to create 80,000 (in my case) smart previews on my laptop when they are already created in the cloud?