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Wed, Sep 20, 2017 5:41 PM

Lightroom: Switching from Map to Library loses the selection in the GPS Data column

My issue is slightly different to Louis's although I can reproduce his as well. Both his disappearing column issue and my losing selection issue relate only to a column filtering on GPS Data values.

Here's how to reproduce mine:
1, Select any source in Lightroom that has some images with GPS data and some without
2. In Grid in the area named Library Filter click on Metadata
3. Set any one of the 4 columns to filter on GPS Data
4. In the GPS Data column select "No Coordinates"
5. Switch to the Map module (menu Window, Map)
6. Switch back to Library Grid view (press G)

The column filtering on GPS Data has changed its selection to "All (2 GPS States)".
This happens every time,
Actually the selection is lost even when there is only one value, with or without GPS Data.

Maybe this should be posted as a separate issue, but (a) it may well be related and (b) I'm not sure how best to do that!

Regards, Mike

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