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Wed, Aug 2, 2017 8:32 PM

Lightroom: Spot heal either smears everything or over-brightens designated area

So hello again. This happened today and is partially new behavior to me.
Please consider the following image illustrating my problem:

I have a photograph (.NEF) in which there is some blurry foliage I want to remove partially. See "Original area" and "Mask" for rough position and size. Why do I want to remove only part of the foliage? I want to later crop into the image, so I don't need to replace that much of a big area.

If I set the Smear Repair option, the foliage is blended over with the chosen source area. Only problem is: The border of the foliage, probably owing to the stark contrast gets smoothly transitioned all the way through my target area. Although I believe it is obvious: This is not at all the desired result. Setting the target mask as big as the whole foliage, masking to the border of the image "repairs" the area just fine (I resorted to that). This however can't be the only way to accomplish a nice repair. Imagine a pylon or an overly long branch of an otherwise perfectly adequate tree. If you try to repair only the protruding bit, you will end up with an ugly smear right where you wanted to draw attention away from. It feels like the smearing got worse going from LR 5 (CC) to LR 6 (CC), and I believe I saw complaints about similar behavior regarding Photoshop's healing-tool.
Would it be all that hard to implement a "transition feather"-slider, so we can choose how smooth the transition to hard contrast edges is? I think this could help a lot, since the repair feature is actually rather nice.

The second problem is if I switch the spot heal tool to "Copy". The target area gets overbright. It does not depend on having only the small area masked or all the way to the images border. The overbright area gets exported as well so this should not be a glitch caused by GPU-accelleration.
I just checked in the before/after-view and the bright area is actually that bright in the original (I darkened the whole photograph) as you can see here. Notice the bright patch on the right side.
It seems that while the source area might be correct all development settings applied to that source patch are forgotten when using spot heal, which would lead to the conclusion, that you had to heal first, then develop the image. Given the known complexeties added to an image after using spot heal (performance wise) that does not seem like a good idea.

I really would appreciate an answer on both behaviors.
Best Regards

P.S.: here's my sysinfo (and yes, LR is generally slow, also in the library while culling, getting wors after a lot of tagging and grouping, but that's a different story):
Version von Lightroom: CC 2015.12 [ 1125239 ]
Lizenz: Creative Cloud
Betriebssystem: Windows 10
Version: 10.0
Anwendungsarchitektur: x64
Systemarchitektur: x64
Anzahl logischer Prozessoren: 8
Prozessorgeschwindigkeit: 4,0 GHz
Integrierter Speicher: 24538,0 MB
Für Lightroom verfügbarer phys. Speicher: 24538,0 MB
Von Lightroom verwendeter phys. Speicher: 2287,4 MB (9,3%)
Von Lightroom verwendeter virtueller Speicher: 2487,7 MB
Anzahl GDI-Objekte: 937
Anzahl BENUTZER-Objekte: 3222
Anzahl Prozess-Handles: 1962
Cache-Speichergröße: 1863,2MB / 5878,5MB (31,7%)
Maximale Anzahl Threads, die Camera Raw verwendet: 5
Camera Raw SIMD-Optimierung: SSE2,AVX
Virtueller Speicher in Camera Raw: 1238MB / 12269MB (10%)
DPI-Einstellung des Systems: 96 DPI
Desktop-Komposition aktiviert: Ja
Monitore/Anzeigegeräte: 1) 1920x1080
Eingabetypen: Multitouch: Nein, integrierte Toucheingabe: Nein, integrierter Stift: Nein, externe Toucheingabe: Nein, externer Stift: Nein, Tastatur: Nein

Informationen zum Grafikprozessor: 
GeForce GT 630/PCIe/SSE2

Check OpenGL support: Passed
Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
Version: 3.3.0 NVIDIA 382.05
Renderer: GeForce GT 630/PCIe/SSE2
LanguageVersion: 3.30 NVIDIA via Cg compiler

Anwendungsordner: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Lightroom
Bibliothekspfad: C:\Lightroom Katalog\Alle Bilder\Alle Bilder-2.lrcat
Einstellungen-Ordner: C:\Users\HC\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Lightroom

Installierte Zusatzmodule: 
1) AdobeStock
2) Canon Tether-Zusatzmodul
3) ColorChecker Passport
4) Facebook
5) Flickr
6) Leica Tether-Zusatzmodul
7) Nikon Tether-Zusatzmodul

Config.lua-Flags: None

Adapter Nr. 1: Anbieter : 10de
Gerät : f00


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3 years ago

This might be one of the cases where content aware patching and healing is necessary in Photoshop.

Sr. Product Manager, Adobe Digital Imaging