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Mon, Jul 18, 2011 11:44 PM

Lightroom: Sorting photos "User order" in Quick Collection does not work occasionally

For some time, now in LightRoom 3.4.1 for Mac, occasionally sorting photos in "User order" does not work. When I grab and drag the first image, for example, this is what happens when I release it: it will move to the end of the Quick Collection no matter where I release it AND the image next to where I tried to drag it will then be moved to next to last in the order, AND several images (from near where I released it) are randomly moved to near the end.

This bizarre behavior continues even after I quit and relaunch LR. It is a show stopper. It renders LR useless for creating a webpage slide show so I must then use another app, but the results aren't consistent in appearance with the web pages I make with LR.

I think this problem started with LR2 but maybe it goes back to LR1. It's quite disturbing that it isn't fixed by now. Fortunately, it doesn't happen every time I use this User Order feature.




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9 years ago

Hi James,

I'm not able to reproduce this problem. Does the same thing ever happen in a folder, or a regular collection (as opposed to the Quick Collection)?

Also, I would try throwing out your Lightroom preferences file called "com.adobe.Lightroom3.plist" and located in user/Library/Preferences.